Sometimes how amazing it is, few little things which freshens you up and boost you with a lot of energy. Few things cannot be explained because you can only feel it, deep their in your heart, from your mind it touches your soul.

It’s the beginning of Monsoon here in Delhi, India. Monsoon has arrived late as per the India Meteorological Department but at last the wait is over. The play between sun & clouds begins and clouds pour some rain on the heated surface.

For me at times God is cloud from where the rain fell as blessings. I have always enjoyed the rain because rain cleanses the nature and looks absolutely beautiful. Walking outside in rain is great and makes me feel alive. The feeling is just awesome, the breeze around feels romantic and the clean atmosphere without any pollution seems beautiful.

I remember the childhood days, Ah! I remember those days when we used to tear apart a full school assignment notebooks and end up preparing boats of all sizes and shapes. Many a time, i used to lose those boat race, but indeed it used to be amazing how much we used to enjoy.

How we used to jump in the puddles, without thinking about our dress and just jump. The sound which it used  to make and even the rain pouring down makes a soothing sound. I remember how i used to move my bicycle swiftly on places where the rain water stayed and the water used to scatter from both the side of the wheel.

These days i find it rains less, i think we should start to thank god whenever it rains. Earlier it was never like this, it used to rain three four times a month. But things have changed and so do the earth because of so much damage humans have done to it.

I always used to get confused with the smell of the soil when it used to rain, people used to rejoice that smell and telling that its beautiful. I never felt like it’s beautiful, it just not that good of a fragrance.

I hope everyone of us will forget about all the worries and just enjoy the weather of rain and feel how special we are that we can enjoy these moments.

Innocent droplets of rain.. Make almost all events.. Quite natural.


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