“While there’s a Life, their’s Hope”

Are you tired? Do you feel like you’re loosing yourself? You feel like you’re hanging by a thread and it’s just about to break? You feel as if you’re shouting for help but only you can hear is your heart cry?

There comes many phase in our life where our mind says give up but the heart whispers their’s still a hope. Its Life, pain after happiness , happiness after pain and that’s the way it goes. But many a time it’s very hard to handle the tough phase. How much you try things don’t get fixed, people disappoint you, friends are just too busy to listen to you and you find it very stringent to share your thoughts with you family.

We all know those times in our lives when we start to feel like things aren’t moving. We feel stuck, depressed, anxious, or all of the above. Some of us may go down an even deeper, darker hole, and for others this may feel like a new occurrence. The “Stuckness” may last for an hour, a day, a week, and sometimes it feels like it could go on for a month or more.

Believe me, never give up on anything miracle’s do happen. You just need to keep calm and you’ll rise from nowhere to somewhere you would have never thought when you were in a terrible situation.

Breathe: So often we forget what we are actually doing, we just need to take some deep breaths and have a positive attitude. People who are in deep ocean are thinking to reach the moon.

Have faith: Trust that whenever the universe brings you situations that cause pain and suffering, it’s a way of asking you to pause and take care of yourself. Life teaches us through love and it also teaches us through pain.

Hope: Whatever you do hold on to Hope. Remember, the tiniest thread will twist into unbreakable cord. Let Hope anchors you in the possibility that this is not the end of your story. No matter how bleak things may seem, there is always hope!

Remember that nothing last forever, even the difficult times: You’ll get through this hard time. If you will take care of yourself and remain open to the lessons, you WILL be brought to the next level in your life. There’s meaning and purpose to our circumstances, though we might not know what that is at the time.

It’s not about forcing happiness, it’s about not letting sadness win.


28 thoughts on ““While there’s a Life, their’s Hope”

    1. Hey Nguyet! Thanks for reading a very old post. Yes, it was from the experience and sometimes I also reread it for getting my believe and focus back. Much appreciated!!

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  1. I saw the title of this post and had to read it. You stated nearly exactly what I’ve recently written in previous posts. Too many people give up during the ‘hopeless’ times before the good stuff has a chance to come around again. It propels the rest of us to write and, hopefully, inspire another to choose life. My best friend committed suicide 10 years ago. This single event made me realize that even on a bad day, Life, is always better than taking a dirt nap.
    Thank you for being another voice in the darkness. There is power in numbers.

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    1. Thanks for writing down the comment! Wonderful to see you found this post, it is also one of the best words I have ever added to WordPress. Really sad, the memories it brought back of your friend. Life is never easy, but it is like the festival, we need to enjoy and accept the challenge. Some days will always be hard, but sun will rise again and the better morning will arrive. Believe and keep it together.
      Wonderful to have you here!! 🙂


  2. When I read the title I thought that I had to read it fully. It’s so encouraging for me. Whether it was from your own experiences or not, I hope you always stay positive and be happy. Thanks for writing this post. Thanks for your like on my recent post before 🙂

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    1. Hi Luna! Wonderful that you found one of the old post from this blog! Nice, you liked it and feel good about it. Thank you for the warm message. 😊


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