“TRUST- Its only a little word with ‘US’ in the middle”

Trust is something I can have difficulty with. Once someone shows that they are not trust worthy, or betray my trust, It’s extremely hard to ever fully trust them again, and a lot of times I can’t. It’s a hard thing to trust someone, because it’s hard to ever fully know if you can until you do. People can let you down, and you learn that you can’t trust them, but all to often people expect you to.

How true are these words?
                                                 “Trust? Years to earn, seconds to break.” 

Trust can be hard to earn, and can most certainly take years to acquire! Yet, once you have earned someones trust, it is an incredible feeling, and a precious gift. If you know someone trusts you, it really is a wonderful thing.

“Seconds to break”. How sad is it when someone breaks your trust? It can happen in an instant, and then it can take a very long time to even consider trusting that person again. Lost trust leaves a wound, and hurt to the person who was let down. Feeling such betrayal can be devastating. I know that for me, if someone breaks my trust, you can say that they’re on a list, and I will remember what they did before considering trusting again.Gaining trust is such a hard thing, but if someone is willing to work and gain your trust, that is a wonderful thing.

It’s good to think about this, because it is a big thing when someone betrays your trust, especially if they are close to you. Talking about it with them can help. As always, open communication is important in any relationship. So if it’s bothering you, letting them know can help.I hope that even if you don’t have people in your life that you can trust now, that someday soon you will be blessed with people you love and trust all around you!

To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.. 🙂


23 thoughts on ““TRUST- Its only a little word with ‘US’ in the middle”

    1. Yes, but after the dent it becomes a psychology that no one can stand true to you! It’s sad because overcoming the past experiences is one of the most difficult thing. And I think it hurts both ways.. even the person who knows that they’re putting the best effort and will be result less in the end.
      Hope the wounds heal someday!
      Thanks for coming up.. 🙂
      Have a superb time.

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  1. Even if we might be tempted to never trust again, but living among people and having no confidence in them is like living under an ongoing war. Not being able to trust others reflects our personal fear; mirrored all around us, it hurts us, first of all. We need to learn and become wiser through such experiences, but we shouldn’t cage ourselves into the fear. Great words: “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.. ” Never thought this way! Maybe because to myself, love includes trust. Great subject!

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  2. I have had this experience a few times – broken trust is very hard to take, especially when you are a honest and straight forward person which I am. Yes I find it very difficult and it is impossible to trust them again. Well to be trusted is also respecting and a way of loving I feel. Thank you for the wonderful post 🙂

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    1. Thanks Deepanila. 🙂 Agree with you. Trust is like a chocolate, you have to maintain the temperature of it. No one likes it as melted or cracked. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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  3. Your words ring true. As with you, once my trust has been broken, there always remain a piece of my heart that is closed off forever…and it is an especially larger piece if we never discussed the matter in an attempt to resolve it. Your last sentiment — that to be trusted is greater than being loved — is an interesting contemplation for me. Thank you for visiting my blog with inevitably led me to yours. I enjoy your posts. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, it is wonderful to have your insights here. Trust is a compliment which is greater than love, hope the future holds better relations for you, peace and smiles. 🙂 Was wonderful to sight your blog. Welcome.


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