“The ‘About me’ Pages”

I always like to read the ‘about me’ pages of the people who write some beautiful blogs or share some alluring pictures and quotes. I always love to read ‘about me’ pages. It has all sought of stuffs which lets you know why they write down some of the best phrases and passages. Sometimes what it also tells is a little bit of what they are going through.

I am not saying you can go and know them completely but ya it tells a bit about them. Its remarkable what thoughts they come up with, sometimes  you co-relate it with their blogs.

About me tells much more than the looks of the people. 🙂


4 thoughts on ““The ‘About me’ Pages”

  1. It’s as if you have put my thoughts there !! Nicely written. While reading some articles/posts written by others , I am surprised how much i can relate to what they write.
    You have unique writing style. I like the photos you feature in your posts. They are so apt and beautiful. If i may ask, are the photos clicked by you?

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    1. So happy the teach likes my posts and also finds them relatable. 🙂 Your thoughts are like reading your day.
      The pictures are from my phone and many clicked by my friend/brother.

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