Lost Love

As I sat on my bed
watching old cartoons
and reminiscing good times.

Your name flashed upon my phone
and thoughts of you flooded in my mind
and in that moment I felt
a million things:
Regret and apologetic,
sure and uncertain,
fine and shattered.

You played me like a game board
and I was your tool on strings.

You never wanted me,
you just wanted the feeling
of being wanted,
but I will not fall for it any longer.


14 thoughts on “Lost Love

  1. i don’t get it this is what you did to me?! you are here somewhere but i’m blind to it all and can’t touch anything and i thought you were my torturer. the bad guys don’t want us to communicate and murder is what they were going for, plus i thought you were there to make fun of me.

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    1. I am sorry! But this sounded way to centric to me. 🙂 I didn’t do anything to anyone, but yes, I did something wrong.. I am not sure what.

      Thanks for your thoughts!


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