A Lesson

A wise man sat in the audience and cracked a joke.
Everybody laughs like crazy.
After a moment, he cracked the same joke again.
This time, less people laughed.
He cracked the same joke again and again.
When There is no laughter in the crowd,

He smiled and said:

You can’t laugh at the same joke again and again,
but why you do keep crying over the same thing
over and over again?


61 thoughts on “A Lesson

  1. That’s because it is a lot easier to let ourselves sink in grief rather then to find reasons to laugh. You know, there will always be some sort of an explanation and a justification. I am for crying but there is a measure and a balance in everything.
    I think you understand, your Love makes me feel so warm that you must be a person with absolute self respect which means respect for everyone else too.
    Thank you, I did smile and was reminded how beautiful people can be and your blog is something I must follow.

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    1. Absolutely, very rightly said..! It’s hard to forget something which gave you so much to remember. At times the sad moments starts to come rushing back. But at the end its about not letting the sadness win.
      Thanks for all those words. Much appreciated comment.
      Thanks for coming up πŸ™‚

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      1. It is meant to be that way, for the sadness to come rushing back. We are meant to react to it and to experience it, for the balance and full understanding. If your sadness is an event from the past…then it means you did not resolve it yet. If you did you would not feel sad. You would feel nostalgic and blue. That sadness which captivates you for too long…it is just a way for your brain to inform you- you missed a step in your evolution. You can keep ignoring the signs or you can deal with it.
        Enjoying the sadness is one way of ignoring it.
        It is not her who is the enemy. The sadness is not positive or negative, she is both. We can feel better after it or we can feel even worse, guess which is the evolving step. The sadness simply exists here. So it’s not her…it’s us. We are our own worst enemies.
        How to deal with sadness? Accept it, her.
        Some people have experienced such deep grief..and they still found their content so it is possible.And when you succesfully apply the accept formula you will find enough strenght to control it and use it for your own benefits. It is possible to do so with all of our emotions. There is a difference between an emotion and a feeling but to go there means I start disecting so much the sun sets before I’m done. And when I’m done it is just the beggining.
        So, a better idea would be to ask you…could you clarify your thought: “I’t hard to forget something which gave you so much to remember.”?
        Could you broaden your idea, for me and for other people too? First, please anwser me…why is it hard? And then keep on asking yourself the questions…if you would chose to share them it would make some interesting points of view for the people to enjoy…

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      2. Before getting into elaborating stuffs, I would like to thank you for this beautifully expressed thoughts and the questions too.
        As per your request, answering the question first,
        It’s hard to forget something which gave you so much to remember..!!
        Not hitting the nail but can broaden it by expressing what I have seen and realized. You know, everyone has something or someone special, it can be either mortal or immortal, on which they never want to give up. If something or someone is gone then it very tough to forget it. After some moment of time the memories & feeling may fade but when something.. something happens which brings back the pictures which you had already forgotten and it starts to come back in your mind, that is moment when the slide show begins. I can say it might never fade away but you need to try your best, the level of that trying cannot be measured.
        I don’t know what views the readers gonna take away but it’s my view and it might be soo different from someone else.
        I agree with you about the evolution of the mind, the painful and saddest moments will help you learn about life better. But then you need learn it asap then to open the same book again & again. From that you can free yourself from staying at the same place and dealing with the same problems.
        I would love to hear the difference between emotion and feelings, for me they are the synonyms. But personally, I will love to hear about the two.
        Another request I would like to make is to know your name because I couldn’t found it on your blog! It’s just been asked for greeting purpose, You can deny it in case if you don’t like to share it up.
        Thanks Ms. πŸ™‚

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      3. Don’t thank me for the questions as if I have done something special. I love questions, asking and anwsering just as much. πŸ™‚
        And, now I must thank you because I do ask a lot of questions but rarely do I get a logical anwser. So thank you for having the time to think it through.
        Before I say how your words influenced my mind and which thoughts came storming before my eyes…about your request. First an explanation. I am a bit of a paranoid person with a very poor compatibility for the modern world. High technology is something I can understand and catch quickly…but it is not easy for me to adjust. Because you are a very polite person and your request is perfectly reasonable…I give you my middle name. Nice to meet you, A, I am NataΕ‘a.
        And now to your view.
        I got the feeling this is what you think: sadness is something we must overcome, defeat and forget.
        Overcome yes, about the defeat I talked in my last reply…but to forget? No, that is not the proper way. Because, as you noticed, the slide show keeps on coming back no matter how much you thought you forgot it. Now, if you keep forcing yourself to forget something, number one- you will never forget it, you can just violently put it aside. Number two, when the memories do come back because that is the way our mind works…they will bring the pain.
        Now, this is what I have learned, not just on my own skin but by observing the people around me.
        The sadness must be absorbed and accepted as I said before. You can check if you succeded when the slide show begins again. This is a healthy kind of sadness. It will bring tears to your eyes, you might spend hours remembering. BUT, when it’s done…you will feel better, reminded of some things in your life but better. The healthy kind of sadness is the one your mind looks for when it just needs a break from all the happiness. Then you embrace it and recharge your batteries, ready for the new victories.
        Unhealthy kind of sadness is the one in which when the pain starts…you feel as if you will choke, die, the tears do not bring liberation but cast you in even a bigger hell then before.
        Then something happens. Your brain turns on the defense mechanism and just…goes blank. You don’t feel the pain but you certainly don’t feel the liberation either. Your brain must do that or else it would get overheated. Because this happens people often leave their problems not resolved. You feel fine, not good, not bad, just fine. To many people this will happen-an ulcer, bad headaches, poor quality of sleep and so on. They won’t be able to point it out excatly, what is wrong and what is happening. (Some can of course and then proceed to the solution or fail in doing it, blank their minds and start all over again but this time with a bigger scar)
        So, in my opinion, the key is not to fight sadness or destroy it or forget it…it is to embrace it, to deal with those things which make us sad.
        I felt great sadness when thinking about humanity and the more I thought about it the more I felt sad. And then it stoped, the pain was gone. I focused on other things in my life, I thought I accepted it, that’s it. And then it started…health condition. It was bugging me so much my overall spirit was very negative and the memories of my thoughts returned, not as clear as before but masked.
        Took me awhile to realise I can’t just stay home and cry, I must move and solve my problem. I am affraid for the humanity? It meant two things. First I was affraid for myself. And second, I did not act…out of that fear.
        It all changed just recently, now the vision in my head is clear, I know my path and the problem is this time truly solved so I can focus on me and everyday life.
        Question for you.
        How do you deal with it? I ask myself this:
        Do I know excatly what is making me sad? Do I see an end of it or do I feel it shall last for a lifetime, the strugle and the battle?
        And, of course, when it’s over or I think it is over…I ask myself do I feel liberated or just blank and emotionless? Liberation can come after days as long as it comes.
        So, how do you deal with the sadness, A?
        For the end…I thought it through, the Sun set down and I was still thinking about it as I knew I would. It happened as it always does, I kill myself out of thinking and in the end the anwser is so simple it almost makes me feel dumb.
        The difference between an emotion and a feeling is this- an emotion is your instinct and an impulsive reaction…your animal. a feeling is your wisdom, your intuition…your nature. Emotion you control and to your feelings you trust.
        You are fully right, synonyms they are. One is like a younger child and the other one like a grown human with peace. They are both of the same species, quite synonymous…
        So, another question…which one of those two prevails in you? What do you think?

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      4. Hey NataΕ‘a,
        Would like to thank you for letting me know your name. πŸ™‚
        Paranoid Personality, something about which I have read. I think it will get better when you try to give yourself a believe that not everyone will harm you. Nice to meet you too.
        I like your saying about logical answers because many a times it happens with me also. I write down a paragraph of text message and get just one word reply ‘K’ (Potassium) πŸ˜€
        For the pictures coming back in mind, I can say that after some moment of time it will stop happening. As you start to focus at new things and make yourself slighty more busy.
        I find you like a Doctor the way you have detailed healthy and unhealthy sadness πŸ˜€ You really say it very clearly. I do appreciate your thoughts.
        I will not say that the sadness should be accepted, for me the lesson learned from incident should be accepted. Because if you accept the pain then you go into a shell from where its tough for you to find a ray of hope.
        For me if you’re crying for something.. cry as much as you can, but after you are done with it never cry for the same reason again.
        It’s amazing the way you have fought your own battle and now you have come out really strong with many lessons learned. I can only feel it but you are really brave, fighting out some tough times. I respect that and Hope many many happiness comes your way. Humanity has always been in question.
        Answer to your questions..
        Dealing with sadness!
        I give it sometime and let myself settle in. It is not that easy after all.I connect with people like my friends and nearby mates, with whom I can express myself well.
        What the best I do is remind myself that tomorrow will be a better day. It’s always good to open up with people who know about you more than you know about yourself, because they also know the way how it can get better, but it’s difficult at times to express yourself. And also keeping in mind that not every smiling face is your friend because some people are just happy hearing your pain (Humanity!).
        So, collectively it gets better in very quick succession and the smile comes back on the face. πŸ™‚
        For the question at the bottom, I think feelings prevails, because having some positiveness that everything will happen for the good and it will bring happiness in everyone’s life. But down the line feeling and emotion equally builds in. You get happy in other happiness and vice versa.
        So, Its been really nice hearing about you and sharing thoughts with you. Thanks NataΕ‘a. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Jesse πŸ™‚
      I really liked that big Guitar, if it is called a guitar. You have many beautiful photographs. An artistic Photographer.
      Thanks for coming up!

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      1. Ah okay, a Cello.. from the violin family. I have seen it in few movies. Thanks for letting me know about it.
        You are always welcome Jesse.
        Have a beautiful weekend. πŸ™‚


  2. This is very thoughtful. Sometimes the neurological processes prevent this desensitization, but the premise remains true. If you can’t laugh at the same jokes, why cry over something lost? When you break it down, sadness stems from loss. It could be a tangible object or person, or it could be an emotion, essence, or piece of ourselves that left us somewhere when we needed it most.

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  3. I think that the sadness is deeper, itching us somewhere deep inside, we cannot ignore it…I feel that we nurse it and keep it there to itch us and pinch us as often as it wants..we want it that way…and only when we let go, forgive ourselves and who or what needs forgiving..then..only then does it become as harmless and stale as the dry joke πŸ™‚

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      1. i will have to re-read those novels more in depth later!!! Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚ I look forward to reading more of your thoughts πŸ™‚

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