Merry Christmas

Hi 🙂

So, Finally It’s Christmas 2014.

Taking this day as an opportunity to Thank God for retaining his blessing on us. Thanking each and every individual for helping us in some tricky situations. Thank you to those who are trying hard to make this world a much better place to live.

I hope the next year brings more happiness in everyone’s life and God gives everyone much more reasons to Smile. 🙂
I hope during the next year and throughout your life you’ll hold those you love, appreciate what others do for you.

Christmas is time when your wishes come true. 🙂
Let’s see if I can fulfill one of your wish but in return I will also ask you to fulfill one of my wish. 😀

Merry Christmas to you 🙂

13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Dearest Sir,

    God provides blessings for us each and every day although there are times we have a difficult time recognizing them due to the darkness of the world intruding. However, If you can try to see his creation the way in which it was intended then you are gifted abundantly. God will show you slices of heaven in what others consider ordinary. A beautiful sky, a new birth, or even a single flower sprouting through the cement of the modern world. I pray you are given those rare moments of awe and joy that make the fondest memories while solidifying your beliefs renewing your vigor to chase your purpose. Your writing tells me you have an old soul and compassionate heart, which is a double edged sword. You feel things deeply, both the good and bad and the emotional onslaught can be crushing at times. Yet, it is wonderful to see the details others ignore, hear the beauty in nature that most cannot hear and feel emotions deeply. Rarely does life go as we plan it but if we follow the plan our creator has laid before us then are steps will be sure to bring us to the destination he has planned for us.

    I also pray that you have fewer moments that bring sadness and pain in this new year but also the strength to deal with whatever may come. Humanity, in general, has an overwhelming journey to get “their piece of the pie” because they feel they are entitled regardless of who it hurts along the way. Astonishingly, there is an ever growing population with deep souls that are striving hard to better their little corner of the world and that is grand news indeed. Take heart, for you are part of the minority population who is striving for a better world and that gives me hope as well. Be well, I pray God’s abundant blessings to be showered upon you this year!

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    1. Hi Tina 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words.

      I really liked the way you have kept life and god’s role in the journey called life. Yea, Its important to know and understand that when nothing is going the way you planned it to go then there is god who has planned the best for you, it might not look like but yes god has a beautiful plan for you.
      Thank you for reading me so closely 🙂

      Yes, the world needs people who can share love more than the war! At times its gloomy but yes people like you in our society will lighten up to the task and god will always provide you with courage and power to bring the good.
      I hope you will be having a superb year and a lots of happiness will come your way. 🙂
      Smile 🙂

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