Most things
will be okay eventually,
but not everything will be.

Sometimes you’ll
put up a good fight &

Sometimes you’ll
hold on really hard
and realize there is no choice
but to let go.

Acceptance is a small, quiet room.

79 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Loved this one, A! I was wondering… Can I use your last sentence for some lyrics I’ve been writing for an original song of mine? It is, indeed, a very beautiful, true and raw sentence, and I just cannot find other words to transmit that idea. I will, of course, give you the credit for the sentence. 🙂

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  2. A,
    You’re an extremely good writer. I really enjoyed reading this composition of yours which you have beautifully penned down. You’ve got a long way to go.
    Wish you all the very best.
    P.S. Ami jodi bhul na bhebe thaki tahole aapni nishchoi Bengali? 🙂

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    1. Hi Yashika,
      Thank you for all those lovely words. Much appreciated comment. 😊 I wish happy blogging to you too.
      Yashika, I know very lil bengali. 😜 Didn’t get it completely.. Will be great if you can get it in hindi or english! Or meaning of the words jodi, bhebe, nishchoi! 😋


      1. Yashika,
        Thank you for getting me those meanings!
        If I am not wrong, your question was ‘If I am not mistaken, then you definitely understand Bengali?’
        I know it very little, it’s more good to hear it then to revert back in Bengali. 😛


      2. A,
        It’s no big deal. We can always converse in English and Hindi. 🙂
        Well, if it’s not too personal, may I ask you what you do and where you’re based in? I apologise if I’m intruding into your personal matter.

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      3. Yep,
        It’s totally ok to answer these questions.
        I’m a student and I put up it Delhi.
        Hey, please don’t apologize or say sorry for anything. It’s okay. You can use mail if you require any further detail. No issues. 🙂

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      4. Good to hear that. 🙂
        I am pursing a UG course in Engineering.
        You can reach out on mail, if you further want to carry out a conversation. 😛
        Now I feel like I am texting from my phone. Lol 😀

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    1. Thank you for all your kind words, Sasha 🙂
      I visited your blog too and it is a fabulous one. Keep Posting.
      Happy Blogging! 🙂

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