When Asked

When asked,
“How you can smile all day long?”

He replied,
because I have nights
with full of memories
toΒ cry for.” 😐

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103 thoughts on “When Asked

  1. When asked,
    How can you cry all night long?

    She replied,
    May be, because the darkness of night paves the way for the light in my soul which is dying to come out.!

    After reading your’s, immediately thought of this.

    Beautiful lines A.

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  2. When I try clothes on sometimes my son (8) tells me the top is nice but my smile’s terrible! He picks up my self-doubt – and yes, I have cried a lot of tears. But now it is time in my life to smile wide, to smile confidently.:)

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    1. Sometimes, little kids just pull of something which adults could not even see.
      Face your fears, overcome the pain with your beautiful smile and live more.
      Come’on smile now. πŸ™‚ Enjoy the moments.


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