So, She had..

1623 friends on Facebook,
1098 followers on Twitter,
and about 726 WhatsApp contacts.

Yet, only one waited outside the ICU.
The one She had unfriended and blocked. 😐

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158 thoughts on “Rebuff

  1. So pithy but with a sad touch of reality. You have such a good hold on words and welding moments with them. Great work! Hoping to be around more on your blog.

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  2. True!!! I just believe that the one who are with you when you are all alone and totally shatterd those are only one which really are your true friends!! The one whicj care for you

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  3. A short, simple, yet down to earth read. This pretty much reveals that people tend to “count” the people on their social media accounts while overlooking the ones with genuine intentions. Cheers! 🙂

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  4. A short, simple, yet down to earth read. This reveals that people nowadays are used to the notion that the number of people in their social media accounts matter more while overlooking the ones with genuine intentions. Cheers! 🙂

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  5. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable with “strangers”. Your writing is beautiful and is even more beautiful because it come from your heart. So thank you for sharing your heart with us.💕

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  6. We live in a new age where a whole life can be built into an artificial world online (my comment here is just as ironic 😀 )
    I feel like we need more travel, adventure, and exploration (real-time).

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    1. Agree. It all looks so good in virtual world. Refreshing Facebook notifications every minute is so common around me! Travel has its own essence, lets you dig in, know within and learn from around. Also, it helps you collect moments.
      Wonderful to have your insights, Jessica. 😊 Thanks for spending some time.

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  7. Wow! You said it so well. You talked about so many important things in life, just in a few words, which would drive home the point to just about anyone. The way you think is simply marvelous! it’s so evident in all your writings…..

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