Hardest thing about goodbye is,
all the things you didn’t say.. 😐

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92 thoughts on “Unuttered

  1. Wow beautiful and true. Sometime the simplicity of a goodbye does no justice for the meaning of a relationship or friend. Heartbreak molds us though, it forms us into the fragile yet strong and resilent people we are today!

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    1. Thank you, Jess. Very nicely said by you. Heartbreak really forms us into a very different yet strong person from before. Good to have your insights.


  2. It’s the curse of life and death. We all know that we will die one day but we always things we will regret, knowing that maybe the last thing we say won’t be something we are proud of. Thanks for the post !

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      1. Sure!! I read your first post yesterday, and then got busy in some other work. Will surely be exploring more.. as I don’t leave behind reading “the famous people” posts. πŸ˜‹

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    1. That is sad, right. But sometimes you have so much to say and you couldn’t utter a word. Because the pain in your heart was weighing more than the words you held. Take care!!

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      1. Oops! I read a name β€œNikita” and tag India while assuming that they would know everything.
        Delhi University (the famous cutoffs). 😬


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