“Where is your girlfriend?”, She asked.
“Very far”, He replied.

“Is it a long distance?”, She asked.
“You can call it a long distance”,
He said while staring at the sky.

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110 thoughts on “Esoteric

  1. Sometimes, embracing the distance, aches but consoles, as one heals over time. Making one resilient and strong in letting go, in letting the star shoots in its own path. They say – a shooting star symbolizes good luck to the one who witnesses it. 🙂

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  2. I now know why the skies above take my breath away,
    It’s pretty obvious why I often look up, rarely letting my gaze wander
    I felt drawn to the to the night, having little fear of the dangers that lurk in the shadows
    It makes sense why I feel out of place on this earth,
    I don’t belong – there’s a universe out there that’s calling to me
    One day, I always sigh, I’ll find my way home

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    1. Deep thought, Brain!
      Hope you are doing well. A sigh is a relief which we consider when our heart and brain function at a rate which requires a conclusions.. and it is a heavy thought which goes out of our breathe when we shy.

      Hope you find the best!!

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    1. Hey Shruti, Not sure if you’re silly. Kidding.

      Thank you! Was nice to read few of your posts. Will explore more.

      Happy that people have touched my blog. Not every post has 100 likes, but few do have. Thanks for staying.

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