She was his pinned chat, and
He was in her block list.

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      1. Haha, you are saying as if you have sensed something and it appears to you that I am the person whom you saw yesterday. πŸ™‚


    1. Ah! You know what, you get the toughest feeling when this happens, I am sorry, but it is sad that they never sensed your efforts.
      To be honest, can you do me a favor, get this straight to them on what you always have/had for them. πŸ™‚

      Hope to hear you back.


    1. Thats good you haven’t blocked people.

      But it is sad, that a person is the main character in someones book, and they are never or will never be aware of it. πŸ˜‘

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  1. It’s been rough, isn’t it A … πŸ™‚
    There comes a phase when one is to leave it alone and moves on. Memories remain. The adrenaline rushes when one gets back there, even in thoughts. We are to release this at our own paces. Each has their path to maturing and being. Even if they will not know they have been a lead character in someone’s life, it’s alright. One is to release and move on. There are and will be more healthy relationships to cherish … Related phase/ situation, makes one grow; wonder about relationships; and on our choices on the relationships we want to nurture and the how for so. Those who’ve gone, they’ve gone. Those who will stay, will stay. Healthy relationships are mutual, else otherwise, the thin ice does not take long to break.
    Thank you for this post, it’s been contemplative reading you! Take good care. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Sharvi.
      Time is the best healer, they say. I always have believed, that next person in ones life does it more quickly and in a better way. They clear the blurriness in one’s eye and show them the path to self belonging and self believing.

      This shall too pass. πŸ™‚

      Always a pleasure to have your comment. πŸ™‚ Enjoy the year, more smiles to you.

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  3. Maybe the blocker is afraid to start a fight with you again and again.
    Maybe they may wanna protect you and allow any regrets.
    Some of the words slipped out in anger, the listener, the relationship and the heart will be broken in pieces immediately.

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    1. Words, many a times we do not realise how much they way.
      One waits entire life, and another one is just afraid.
      They both are not wrong at their end.

      Nice lines Keish. Thanks for reading!!

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  4. That’s true.
    And also,I don’t understand that some people would block you or stop talking to you by weird reasons like.. You don’t see my WhatsApp status or you didn’t reply instantly..
    With some you don’t even have any grudges but they mute you from status and you got to know from mutual connections.

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    1. Haha! This was funny, Rupal.
      That’s school-ish way of doing it.

      You can try your best to connect with people, but you cannot force yourself in someone’s life. So, its okay to get blocked. Haha. Enjoy the day, smile more.


  5. I read the comments, they mentioned about those reasons why she blocked him amd why he pinned her,
    honestly, I am on this situation, just wanna share, ‘coz it feels like we are these people, (relatable)
    After we broke up in 2012 I decided to blocked him maybe that was for few months, it was painful, but I thought that letting go of him was the good decision I could offer. Yet he tried to contact me, I was already with someone else and so he was. Time came, I unblocked him to see how he was doing, we had short conversation through chats, suddenly he blocked me, I thought that it was kinda revenge. 😞
    He said it was painful for him to know that I was with someone else and not with him, I learned too that he broke up with his current someone, until now I am on his blocklist, I understand, it was painful for him to see my status on facebook, so better to block me, not to see me again, or the pai will never fade away.
    Before he was on my blocklist, and I was on his pinned chat, and now the reverse of this situation, I am on his blocklist and somehow he seems to be my pinned chat, but it already ended. 8 yrs ago when we broke up.
    That’s y I have thought that, maybe these people got the same reasons, just maybe..

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    1. Could be. But thank you for writing your story. It must have been painful for both of you.
      It was tough for him, when he sees the best part of his life with someone else, it hurts enormously.
      Probably, the reason he blocked you is so that he can set you free and more importantly set himself free and try to move ahead in life. It wouldn’t have been easy for him to do it, but sometimes we do tough things for betterment of one another.
      Take care!! Gracia. Hugs.

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  6. I agree… I guess you are right, that might be his reason, I used to check his facebook account before, and I saw that the he used to make as cover photo of my favorite flower which is the rain lily, he also imprinted my birthdate 13 on his jersey for basketball, despite the fact that he already in a relationship that time, and I remember his last words to me, he said “I’ll let go of you, if this is what you want, even if it is so painful knowing you are with someone else but not me, you are the greatest teacher in my life, I learned a lot from you, the importance of family, romance, relationship etc. I will never forget you, maybe we are not really meant for each other, maybe we just met to learn things from each other. hope you’ll be happy with him.” and that was it,
    anyway Thanks a lot A, just thanks a lot. ☺️

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    1. Someone told me, “Some people are there in our life to serve a purpose, when that purpose is over they leave”.

      You cannot hold onto someone, who desired to leave for everyone’s good. He did his peace, and I know you will never loose respect for him. And you will pray for him, that he gets the best things in life and always smile.

      You got a story in you, Gracia. πŸ™‚


  7. I want to know why does all your stories end up with bitter separation and how come ‘he’never gets over her?
    I feel ‘he’ should get over somebody who doesn’t gives a damn about ‘him’ now because ‘he’ should be more loving towards ‘himself’ rather than towards the one who doesn’t even cares!

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    1. Hello Kundan, haha! Story has to end some way and probably you find much of them ending on a low note, but on a true note.

      I agree. One should love them so much that anyone’s else loving or unloving them shouldn’t make a difference.
      But love is about sharing yourself with the other, and if they cannot handle that piece of yours, you will feel that bitterness.

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    1. You cannot make someone your pinned chat on whom you have cheated on.
      Probably, little misunderstanding leads to huge losses.

      Thanks for your thought, Ms. H. Happy to find you reading.


      1. Well, I knew someone. Haha But of course it doesn’t happen to all relationship cases.

        You’re welcome, Mr. A. I’m one of your avid readers; a fan. 😊

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  8. Maybe you need a bit of soul searching by rewinding! If the love in your heart is so deep then it couldn’t have taken roots without good interaction!! While you have “pinned”, somewhere something has pinned her really that she has blocked you A. Hope you r able to unravel the pricking!! Good luck

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