When someone opens up to you about their hurt and sorrow,
feel grateful that they have turned to you for support.

It is as though you are meeting them in the most
sacred chamber of their heart ❤


#WearMask #BeKind

133 thoughts on “Reticent

  1. I met my teenage son in this place today, and it was heart-warming to know that he felt safe to come to me with his concerns.

    He is often reticent, but we are working on that by trying to build trust and connection so that sacred chamber will be open both ways.

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  2. Sometimes when you open up to the wrong person they will only feel burdened by this. Sadly, it happens even with the people we trust the most too. We thought they will share our sorrow and grief and lighten our burden but they will be the one to kick you when you’re down.

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