Something finally needs to happen to her,
something that would add color to her
bland desert life. 😐



42 thoughts on “Bland

      1. You won yesterday, mauka. Haha.
        Hey, you will be fine. A few bad days or moments cannot set you future to be awful. So, cheer up. Make the most of it.
        You’re good

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  1. Happy to read this post, A! ^_^

    Maybe she needs to take her initiative first towards the colors she already is …
    No one can perhaps give to her what she is not ready to give to herself first … ^_^

    I hope this “something” happens too … as it’s always fun for good experiences that reflect a grounded validation of one’s bloomings. Maybe, her grounded validation of her nuances first would embrace her own Self first.
    – Healthy self love ^^

    Just some thoughts that travelled while reading your words … πŸ˜‡πŸŒΈ

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