It has been a few years
and he still feels miserable
when she crosses his mind.

But he still
keeps her in his prayers. 🙏

“The ultimate devotee of Indian cricket – Sudhir”

“If cricket is a Religion in India then Sachin is a God”.

Cricket, one of the sport in India which is much much greater than its National Sport Hockey. The fever of cricket in India is more viral than any other sports. A nation whose population is more than 1.2 billion is fond of cricket & its cricketers. It was not so when India lifted the World Cup in 1983. Time has changed and the love towards cricket has increased enormously.

Sudhir Kumar Choudhary is a fan of Indian Cricket Team and Sachin Tendulkar. He is hard to miss whenever India play any match, with his body covered in paint emphasizing the tri-colour. His devotion to the national side is well known, and courtesy the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, he has tickets to all the venues at which the Men in Blue play. He also has the distinction of lifting the World Cup trophy along with the great man himself.


Sudhir’s passion is such that he does not have a regular source of income. Reliance Life Insurance has come up with a campaign to support him. The company’s Facebook page states, “For us, he is an embodiment of everything that comes in the way of planning for one’s future. And that’s why we have taken up Sudhir’s cause and want to help him secure his future with a regular income. After all, retirement is definitive and needs planning before it becomes a shock.”

The reason why India is a cricket-crazy nation is because of this 31-year old, who left his job at a milk company to pursue his passion. He brings the crowd alive with waving of the tri colour and represents the spirit of the die-hard lover of the game. Sudhir was once thrashed by Kanpur Police because he was shaking hands with Sachin. Later the police men apologized after Sachin’s intervention. Sudhir has decided not to marry and be single and cheer Men in blue wherever they play.

“Beyond All Boundaries” is a documentary, it also has a short story of Sudhir & two young cricketers Prithvi Shaw & Akshaya Surve.


Sudhir has cycled from Bihar to Bangladesh thrice (around 12,000 miles)  just to watch a Cricket match.

On 16 November 2014, Sachin retired from cricket and sudhir was shell shocked when he heard this news. We all can understand that feeling, “Sachin taking retirement!!”. Sudhir painted “Miss you Tendulkar” on his chest in Sachin’s last test match. Sudhir started crying when Tendulkar made his way to the dressing room for the last time. “Cricket is like oxygen for Sachin sir and I am sure he will comeback in some other capacity to serve the game. I am waiting for that day and will continue to cheer him” Sudhir said after Sachin’s retirement from International Cricket.

Sudhir Waving the Flag

Not only Sudhir but there are many Indian’s who are big fan of cricket & its god Sachin. Cricket will always be close to hearts of Indian’s and it will always unite people. Cricket can be a bridge and a glue† for peace among people.

“I don’t Like cricket, I Love cricket”