Pen Pals

She used to write Him,
He used to read.
And this way two friends used to communicate.. 🙂

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He was staring blankly to his phone
which never rang. 😦

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Merry & Happy

Merry Christmas 🎋 & Happy New Year ❤

Sometime all we need is a new perspective.
After publishing 125 posts, and seeking 1000’s of kind notes from fellow bloggers.. The blog finally decided for a change that has been slightly hard to take. The change which the blog author was willing to make for long and finally took it. The blog has a new URL(web address).
Welcome to.. thebrokenspecs (

Do you know, pair of broken glasses left on US gallery floor was once mistaken for art. 😀

Why its named, “The Broken Specs“?
I was remembering one occasion when I fell asleep in bed with my glasses on. When I woke up I was lying on them and they were all flat. I tried to bend the temples back and broke both of them. Luckily, I could see with an old pair of glasses that were still stronger than the prescription that I needed at the time. But I was very sad because I liked the broken glasses a lot and they couldn’t be repaired. 😐

It is important to hold Love & Trust with a lot of care, don’t let it down, because once broken they cannot be repaired. 😔

Hope you enjoy reading the blog.. 🙂

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And I think its time for her,
its time to be happy again.

She has got someone,
someone She knows She can text at any hour
and tell absolutely anything.

She knows they are trustworthy
and it is the best feeling She had after long. 🙂 ❤

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Open Book

So, during the transit today, I heard a song blasting out of the earphones of a girl(with a thoughtful smile) standing at a stretch away. With a feeling that I have heard the song before, I quickly searched and found that the song is named “Open Book” and is from an album called TV Dinners of Mikey McCleary. I first heard this song during a TV add-break. I remember the song was used in a Mobile Network advertisement which impart ‘Moments of life are made for sharing’.

The add shows how life changes for a girl after the breakup. The video is short, just 00:46 seconds long. I hope you’ll like it. ❤

The lyric are as,

I guess my life’s an open book
Anyone can take a look
No secrets here, to hide
This is just me

Holidays that come and go
Feelings change, people grow
And all I know is
I like being free

Da, Da, Da
I’ll be fine
This is me now
But I could change
Any time.

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So, She had..

1623 friends on Facebook,
1098 followers on Twitter,
and about 726 WhatsApp contacts.

Yet, only one waited outside the ICU.
The one She had unfriended and blocked. 😐

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“When i lost my phone”

Many of us have become so dependent upon that little palm-sized three ounce piece of technology we call our smartphones, that just the mere thought of losing it, we’d go out of our minds. I’ve seen many a time, people reacting as if they dropped a baby when in actual they drop their phone.

It was one of the evening of spring here in Delhi, when I lost my phone. That was moment of pure horror. As a regulation, I was trying to feel my phone in the pocket and got a shock when I failed to find it. It was a mini heart attack, my heart skipped a beat or two. I stood frozen for a second and started to think when I used the phone last time & when I felt it in my pocket last.

I checked nearby on the road but of course there was nothing there. I started heading back home. I had to let someone know that I had lost my phone. I felt helpless and very, very sad and i was knowing that its gone. All those special texts, friends contact number, those pictures which i didn’t backed up, that music library, all were gone with my phone. By the time I had reached home I was exhausted from the tug of war going on inside my brain and thankfully fell into a dreamless sleep.

I remember my friend was calling my phone and it was switched off, but the next morning I still tried to call the number and the response was the same. Its being a long time since I lost my phone, but i remember, after a week when I had lost my phone, I asked one of my college mate to call my number and check if by any chance someone picks it up. Its just like you start to count 1 + 1 on your finger tips because maybe by any chance the sum can be 3.

If you ever lose your phone, you do feel a sense of loss and disconnect. You start noticing how often you reach for it to check it and when you’re with your friends you’ll especially notice it, especially if your friends are so connected.

But before losing my phone I had no clue how connected I was with my friends and the world at all times. I never realized how much I text messaged my friends. I used to reach into my pocket at least 20 times to check a phone which was not even vibrating.

After a couple of weeks, things started to settle down, slowly I again resumed my work. After few months I started using one of the phone which was give to me by my friend.

I just lost my phone which was close to my heart but I will always remember my phone.

Have you ever lost your phone? How did you feel? Let me know by commenting.