His heart tried to bury her deep.
Little did He know that She was a seed. ❤

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All I Want

When you said your last goodbye,
I died a little bit inside..
I lay in tears in bed all night,
Alone without you by my side.. ❤

So, my friend shared the song link and added that the song lyrics really bring some back flashes to him. To me, it is really a nice song and lyrically amazing. Hope the post finds you smiling.. 🙂

Listen to the music from the album, In a perfect world –
Kodaline – All I Want (Part 1) – YouTube

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And the day he met her,
the ink of his pen was no longer filled with tears,
but with the happiness.. 🙂

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I feel so relaxed by typing few words on the paper,
I am able to scream without making a noise. 🙂

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Gaza ~ An open air prison

“The Rocket may be above us,
but they have forgotten that
Allah is above them” 😥

~ A Palestinian Child.

We don’t need to be a Muslim to stand up for Gaza, we just need to be Human. #BeKind #Dua #PrayforGaza

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In the blink of an eye,
everything that meant anything to Him,

was gone.. 😦

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“You heard that Cry?”

There’s that occasional night where you just breakdown and cry because you know that no matter what, things will never be the same.

The worst type of crying is the silent one.

The one when everyone is asleep.

The one where you feel it in your throat,
and your eyes become blurry from the tears.

The one when your lips start to shake
and the tears which build up quickly starts to fall.

The one when you’re crouched and trying to suck it in
and not make any noise.

The one where you just want to scream.

The one where you have to hold your breath
and grab your stomach to keep quiet.

The one where you can’t breath anymore.

The one when you realize the person that meant the most to you,
is gone.. 😐