We were just a collection of atoms,
who came together for a brief period,
and then fell apart. 🙂

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And then,

Chocolates and Cigarettes
became her new friends. 😐

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Gaza ~ An open air prison

“The Rocket may be above us,
but they have forgotten that
Allah is above them” 😥

~ A Palestinian Child.

We don’t need to be a Muslim to stand up for Gaza, we just need to be Human. #BeKind #Dua #PrayforGaza

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All of a sudden,
after He left.

She started to
hate herself.

Like He hated her.

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Children’s Day India

Hi 🙂

It’s 14th of November, 40 days to go for Christmas and 47 days to New Year but here we are celebrating children’s day in India. It’s a day to honor children. Universal Children’s Day takes place annually on November 20. June 1st is also celebrated as Children’s day in many parts of the world.

Childhood memories are sweetest of all. They can be savored for a lifetime. Children’s day celebration is fun for the little ones but it is important for the parents too. Every parent must understand the importance of the children’s day. Parents should be well aware about the little desires of their angels.

During my school days, November month was very exciting because Children’s day was celebrated in every school of India. Children’s who had performed well in there last year grades used to get prizes from the School Teacher. I was never the one getting those awards or prizes 😀 I remember many events used to happen that day and the assembly time was increased . In the end, children’s used to get sweets and chocolates. It used to be a very exciting day. 🙂

The guys who are currently in school needs to enjoy every moment of it. I know you hate school very much but honestly you gonna miss these days when you go to your university. These are the days you should make memories of, rejoice every moment of it with your best friends. Respect your teachers because they are making a sea of students ready for there future.

So, go out and celebrate, enjoy and remember your school days.

After all Children are like precious gems.. 🙂


“Wagah – The only road crossing the border”

Beneath the spontaneous warmth between Indian and Pakistan lurk dark suspicions and fears.

Six and a half years since the two countries were created, the Wagah border is still the only road link between India and Pakistan. Wagah, the only road crossing the border between India and Pakistan is located 32 kilometers from Amritsar. The road connects Amritsar, Punjab, India with Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Wagah, is a village which got divided in 1947 during the partition. Today, the eastern part of the village resides in India.

I first visited Wagah Border last year during the winter’s. The soldier’s are more than 7 ft tall, but if you count the huge fan-shaped headdresses they are much more, they wiggle at each other like peacocks, just inches apart either side of the India-Pakistan border. For 45 minutes every sunset they high kick, speed march and shout their way through a choreographed routine that ends in the lowering of both flags and the slamming of the border gates. Called the ‘Retreat Ceremony’ is a daily military practice that the security forces of India (Border Security Forces) and Pakistan (Pakistani Rangers) have jointly followed since 1959.

Borders can sometimes reflect the reality of the countries that lie within them. For India and Pakistan, the land border at Wagah reflects both the confusion that lies at the heart of our current realities and the history that gave rise to them. The relationship between India and Pakistan is made up of love and hate, and a fair confusion which occurs because of regular uneven occurrences near the border.

Recently, I read a short story of Hardev Singh, a farmer, whose family’s land which was marooned in no-man’s land in 1947. He hates the crowds and the military posturing just up the fence at the sunset ceremony. It might be a Ceremony for many but for few its just loss of their land and families.

By itself, a settlement with India will not make Pakistan a safe place. But it would encourage a series of changes— building up democratic institutions, spending more on health and education, rejecting Islamist terrorism. Until that happens, Pakistan will remain a disappointment to itself and a danger to the world.

To bring peace, the Guns Must Fall silent.