When someone opens up to you about their hurt and sorrow,
feel grateful that they have turned to you for support.

It is as though you are meeting them in the most
sacred chamber of their heart ❤


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All I Want

When you said your last goodbye,
I died a little bit inside..
I lay in tears in bed all night,
Alone without you by my side.. ❤

So, my friend shared the song link and added that the song lyrics really bring some back flashes to him. To me, it is really a nice song and lyrically amazing. Hope the post finds you smiling.. 🙂

Listen to the music from the album, In a perfect world –
Kodaline – All I Want (Part 1) – YouTube

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I had a dream, that you were mine.
I’ve had that dream a thousand times.. 🙂

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It was the first time I saw her speaking with someone. She was on the other side of the library hall with one of my friend. They shared a laughter as I approach there, and it appeared like they enjoyed their moment. I greeted my friend and said “Hi” to the Miss. I realized that I will get late to catch the bus so I gave a quick hug to my friend and said goodbye to the Miss. 🙂

The next day, I was sitting on a couch in the corridor, waiting for my next class. There she came, walking in my direction. Her class was next to my class, so she sits and waits. “Hi” I greeted her. She said nothing. :/ Maybe she didn’t hear it. I stood up and moved to my class as my professor entered the classroom. 🤓

I didn’t really know, “If she heard and ignored me, or didn’t she heard my salutation?” I asked myself. 🤔
The class got over. It was an interesting session, but I was very tired. Heading towards the bus station, I saw her walking to-and-fro the bus stop. “So she also takes the bus?” I asked myself. Maybe this time, she will hear my salutation. When I reached the bus stop, I said in a loud voice “Good Afternoon”. Now it was confirmed, I know she won’t reply. 😳

Two weeks later, I was in the Math center, helping junior students with their homework. She came, passed by, and sat down. Miss was really silent. I was able to notice she had a problem, she needed help, but she won’t call the Math tutor. Then she raises her hand and made a sign to call the tutor. Why can’t she just say “Excuse me, sir?” I asked myself. Here my friend came, she greeted me and I greet her back. 🙂

“Can you please help my friend?” my friend asks.
“Sure, I will.” I replied.
“Thanks, and please be patient with her; she is deaf.” 😐

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“You’re remembered only when you’re needed”

“Color is only beautiful when it means something..”

You need to accept the fact that not every smiling face is your friend. People will come to you when they need something. I have a question, when was the last time you received a call saying “Hey, I just called up for mere talk, no favors”?. Don’t remember?? In fact, I didn’t get any of such calls and even a text. People are so busy in their life that they don’t have time to connect for once. They will remember you when they know you are helpful for them.

They will ping you to like their Facebook status & pictures, you’ll lend them your money because they are in very much need for some or the other reason, do something great for them as they are expecting something & if you don’t then they pretend you have done wrong to them. You have done a lot for them.

It’s not about what you have done for them but what’s bad when they only come up with what wrong you have done to them and at times they’ll make you remember even stuffs which was not wrong. Sometime they will start counting something which never happened, instead of appreciating all those good you have done for them.

And the most painful part about this is they will neglect you after what you have done kind to them. And all you ever wanted is to have a little conversation with them, yet they were not able to think about that. Somehow, they need to know that you have feelings too, that there must be a give and take in this kind of relationship.
Don’t pretend to comfort me. I might also pretend to not let you down.”