She was his pinned chat, and
He was in her block list.

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I’m still waiting for “it will get better” to happen.. ūüôā

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Open Book

So, during the transit today, I heard a¬†song blasting out of the earphones of a girl(with¬†a thoughtful smile) standing at a stretch¬†away.¬†With a feeling that I have heard the song before, I quickly searched and found that the song is named “Open Book” and is from an album called TV Dinners of Mikey McCleary. I first heard this song¬†during a TV add-break. I remember the song was used in a Mobile Network advertisement which impart¬†‘Moments of life are made for sharing’.

The add shows how life changes for a girl after the breakup.¬†The video is short, just 00:46 seconds long. I hope you’ll like it. ‚̧

The lyric are as,

I guess my life’s an open book
Anyone can take a look
No secrets here, to hide
This is just me

Holidays that come and go
Feelings change, people grow
And all I know is
I like being free

Da, Da, Da
I’ll be fine
This is me now
But I could change
Any time.

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So, She had..

1623 friends on Facebook,
1098 followers on Twitter,
and about 726 WhatsApp contacts.

Yet, only one waited outside the ICU.
The one She had¬†unfriended and blocked. ūüėź

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Slap Her!

Hi ūüôā

I hope you’re doing great at your end and had a beautiful¬†start to 2015. A lot of resolutions have¬†been setup for this new year and also I came across few bucket lists for 2015. There were a couple of¬†funny instances where few of our fellow bloggers have set resolutions which is to¬†obey and complete all the resolutions which they set for¬†2014. ūüėÄ

I would like to share a small piece of a video which I saw¬†recently and it has very beautiful¬†meaning in it. I see it as more of a lesson for the men’s across the globe but it is also¬†a clip which should be close to¬†the girls too ‚̧

A meaningful three¬†and half mins. Have a great day ahead ūüôā