29th December 03:40 AM


All of  a sudden I am feeling
really tired.

Like the world has drained me
for everything that
I had. 😦

42 thoughts on “29th December 03:40 AM

      1. I’ve given it time.. yes I have given it a lot of time and I am still here waiting to be healed. 😐
        Time- the best healer! Probably we immune it & we get addicted to it by time.


  1. i was just kidding btw the thing is that when i met someone from some big country they often say the name of the most big cities (for you maybe delhi, mumbai etc for me Rome, Milan etc) even if they are from small cities (: I’m from Turin btw,

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    1. I just wonder why they do that!
      But in my case.. I am really from Delhi. If I was from a small city with not a big name, it won’t stop me to bring up its name. 😊
      Thank you for connecting.
      Have a nice day!


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