Misinterpreted Silence

Everyone was smiling
even did He.

Seeing him smile, They asked,
‘How is She?’

He stood in silence
with the smile slowly fading away.

With a thought that He is reserved about Her,
they all chuckled and walked away.

And on another day,
a silence was misinterpreted. 😐


81 thoughts on “Misinterpreted Silence

  1. I don’t know why but for some reason I need to tell you thank you, I love all the things you have written, they are beautiful and powerful I wish I could send this to you in a message but you are loved! ♡ please contact me, I’d love to talk to you more!

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    1. 🙂
      Thank you so much for all these lovely words. I am happy that you liked it. 🙂
      😀 Aww.. 🙂 You can checkout the ‘About me’ I have posted some connections their. 😉
      And ya its good to have you here. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for stopping!
      It was lovely to read the 16 words of your blog! Will be checking more of the fantastic posts you have. 😊 Happy Day. 😊


  2. This silence you wrote about cant be even expressed properly in words as this is extremely painful. Because I am feeling this right now and it really hurts. People dont care what you are going through yet they will continue to dig deep & hurt u till when you have your emotional breakdown. Guess life is a great teacher. Sometimes we have to bend to stand up!!! Btw loved the expression. 🙂

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    1. Oh! It hurts, yes it really does. I can imagine and feel what you must be feeling like (sometimes its numb).
      Sometimes people dig because they care and want to know what’s the root cause, yes it hurts and by getting this painful sensation you’re giving yourself a chance to get cured.
      I agree that we have to bend at times, stop a bit, unload few feelings and again search the for the best.
      Hope your current feeling will be vanished and replaced by some beautiful smiles and people to hold you strong. 😊
      Take care, Maitreyi.

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    1. Probably, the shine that I saw on that very day was after a long time to be seen. It faded because of some heavy thoughts pouring over his mind which brought pain in his heart.
      You never know what more he was going through.
      Thanks for reading, Elaine.

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      1. there is only One Who can know the thoughts that make up each of our molecules and atoms… all we have is… blogs lol to make some tangent of ourselves known to another mind.

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      2. Very nicely said.
        Blogs are definitely a place for many who share what they don’t share often. Some thoughts which are hidden in cores. But I don’t think anyone does it to be known by another mind. It is done for own-self, but if its been felt by others who have been through the same roads then it is amazing.

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      3. bah! doing it for one’s self is called ‘journaling’ in your books in private lol blogging neeeeeds an audience, and if we are willing to admit it, it’s done for that amaaaaazing response that we sometimes get from a shared ‘molecule’ with someone else 🙂

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      4. Technology has given a platform where you can write it down in personal or in public. So, writing a journal in a book is tough nowadays.
        I wonder how many people have shared their tearing thoughts just to be heard by others even knowing they won’t be pleased by any of them.
        I don’t think everything is put for audience. If ordinary readers can come up and relate to you then its incredible. The shared molecule is in public but not for an attempt to get responses only. They maybe for your thoughts to float and remind you of being changed from what you were and what you are.

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      5. well, i get what you are saying, i use facebook for that, thoughts i don’t want seen but want to express… i have two childhood friends on facebook and that’s about it haha…. but blogging? i’m NOT ok with my tree falling in the forest and nobody hearing lol but that’s probably just me, right? 🙂

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      6. 😄 Right. For you Facebook has a meaning of having close friends, the world sees it liking having as many friends as possible without knowing if they exist in real. I don’t have a Facebook. 😋
        For me blogging is expressing it without taking care of who notices the thoughts & who does not. People do it for their own freeness & it feels good to portray what you feel. If someone comes up & sees it, it won’t harm for sure & is less annoying. 😊 😄

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