Love is like an uninvited guest.
Love will come when it wants to.
Love will leave when you ask more of it. ❀


107 thoughts on “Uninvited

      1. Dear A,
        Thanks for liking many of my posts. Lately I was feeling down as I do not get much notification of anyone liking my photographs and paintings, and poems, and so I have stopped uploading here for a while.

        But you made me happy once again.

        Long ago I visited your blog, and at that time also you liked many of my posts. So kind of you.

        So here I am to visit your site and I m enjoying it, your write-ups, thoughts and photographs.

        May I communicate with you via email if or when I need to ask something about blogging, or anything?

        Thank you for your time.

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      2. Hi Roksana, It was a pleasure going through your blog posts after a long time. You still produce some great content and quite picturesque blog you got.

        You shouldn’t feel down, be your own cheerleader. Your blog posts are yours and they should make you happy first whenever you view them back in time. Happy you found some good energy.

        Thank you for visiting. Glad you enjoyed the posts at my end.

        Sure, you can reach out to me over email, you can found more of it in the about me page – I am a very rare visitor to my emails, but I will keep a check.

        Thank you for writing! Keep blogging, you have me as an audience. 😊

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      3. Please do not feel upset when there is no reaction to what you have written. Very often people read and move on and something touches their heart they may feel too shy or reluctant to respond but I am pretty sure that you have been noticed. Do not and never allow negativity of thought to set in but continue to write for the love of it. When your mind is active you are putting aging on hold and you will look more radiant and younger.

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    1. Love is manufactured from the heart. When the heart is charged with positive emotions Love emerges to provide the nectar to nourish the feelings that it discharges. Love is the elixir of emotions which feeds life and gives it the power to survive and move on. Without love life does not exist and the meaning and purpose of living is no longer in existence.

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  1. Love! Well it never leaves… you ask more of it and it stays maybe hurting, haunting and then shifts shape when least expecting; only to reappear as a new guest.
    Glad to see a post from you after the long hiatus. Stay well!

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  2. Beautiful words, A! I empathise.
    Lovely to also read various thoughts, experiences by other bloggers to your words, it gives unique perspectives. ^_^

    And about the ‘uninvited guest’, it also depends on one’s choice on whether one opens the door to it or not, before it reaches the moment of ‘desiring more or less of it’. It is indeed blessings maybe when there is the choice for mutuality.

    I also perceive it’s better to be honest with oneself too on whether personally, one is really ready for the ‘beginning of it’ and ‘more of it’ or not, in order to not be ‘cruel’ to oneself and to the other involved as well in the heart matter (this can take time for a person to figure it as well, maybe). Just a brief passing thought.
    Take care, A. Happy to read you. πŸ™‚

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  3. I think if asking more makes it leave, I’m not sure it’s love. That’s been my experience. I offer you my:

    Thoughts About Love

    Love: You know you are in love when you’d rather be driven crazy by the person you’re with than be sane with anyone else.

    Love is always hopeful, kind, generous, aware, supportive, accepting, nurturing and able to withstand blows without breaking.

    Love can be implied or suggested, but never truly defined by what it is not.

    Love is the only thing I can imagine that is worth both living for and dying for.

    Love is the strongest and most fragile force in the universe. If nourished and nurtured there’s nothing that can stand before its power. If it’s neglected or forgotten, it will wither until nothing can save it.

    ps. If you were feeling neglected, but earned 253 likes on this post and 63 comments, I’m definitely doing something wrong. Thank you for responding and keep writing and loving.

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  4. I can relate with the last line. If you put a strain to big on someone the love will wither and die off. I am speaking of experience.

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  5. Thank you for liking my recent post! I’m glad you did because I got to read your most touching poetry 🀍 keep up the good work!

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    1. Hey Anita !

      Probably your comment was posted in between other comments, this isn’t Kiran’s blog but I know why this happens.

      Happy to spot you reading on WordPress.


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