Happy November

Here comes November.. Month number 11, a span of beautiful 30 days. Month of Scorpion’s and Sagittarius.

Hi, I hope you had a very wonderful October, I know October didn’t last long and I got to know about it when I wrote 09/27/2014 as Monday 27 October 2014! My habit of writing 09 (September Month) was still there even when October was almost about to get over.

So, now its time to stop worrying about what you can loose and start focusing on what you can gain. Remember that whatever makes you happy, that’s what you should do.

November, It is the beginning of new adventure, it’s time to take risks and do the unexpected.

Happy November.. 🙂



10 thoughts on “Happy November

    1. Yea Ysabel..!
      Its great to remember months as they are bringing some memorable days for everyone of us and making us realize that time is very precious. 🙂 They’re also helps us to know that we are getting older 😀
      You have a fabulous blog with really interesting posts, it is meant to be appreciated. 🙂

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      1. Haha yeah a reminder that we are getting older..time is passing and that time is also not really in our hands so we should value what we’ve got and our experiencing right now!!:)
        And thank you so very much for your lover comments. I wish you a great week ahead and I look forward to reading your honest and moving works too:))

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