you collide with a person, and
you get this feeling, that they
might become important to you.

Maybe it is from a look or an act of kindness.

Or maybe,
you just like the way your world feels
when they are in it. πŸ™‚

#MerryChristmas πŸŽ‹ #HappyNewYear ❀



171 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. I have that too at times and I do have the most amazing people in my life who are meant to be there ❀️ it is beautiful

    I hope you are doing well!! πŸ™ hope you are safe too

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      1. The lockdown was only for 3 months, and then phase wise it has been unlocked. Right now.. if you go out, you will feel the virus was never there. Haha. 😊


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