He saw her in someone today,
but, it wasn’t her.

He realized that it has been very long
he departed in her,
but she still persist in him. 😐

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125 thoughts on “Prolong

      1. Oh no! You clear your thoughts before pouring them into a post!!

        And here I pour all my thoughts into a post as poems or prose or lines or words or paintings or anything and clear them from my mind … πŸ«’πŸ™„

        Oh no no! How miserable it is to keep thoughts in heart and soul for long, I wonder!! 🫣

        Anyways, good luck in clearing your thoughts and thank you in advance for pouring those thoughts soon πŸ˜‡

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  1. The impact of connection made to certain others or certain things is a mystery at times.

    And the one on the receiving end of the magnetism may not even realize the impact that they may have had or made on the subject at hand.

    Even though a situation may be over some may not be over the situation of that burns within their heart.

    Great post of one striking or triggering up the reflection of what once was and still reminded of within the image of another.

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