Her heart blossomed in the sky.
When broken, it became a star. ⭐

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123 thoughts on “Orb

  1. Hey Mr.A are you lost somewhere?…….I happen to scroll your website after long…sorry for that though but i don’t know how but it seems your website was astray somewhere, your posts didn’t ever show up on my feed even though I do follow you…🤷‍♀
    This was nice BTW👏

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    1. Hi Ms. Kundan, I wasn’t lost, just posted after a while. Appreciate you finding time to read the post.
      You gonna put your techie head to fix that up! Haha. Hope you’re well. Good to hear from you. 😊

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      1. Okey. My pleasure and yes the techie head has to be brought to action😂. Yup I am great. Happy to find you again😂.

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      1. You’re welcome, Shibbi!
        You should write when you really want to write, doesn’t mean you never feel like writing.. assure that you write atleast something.

        Let me know what all help you need, hope I will be able to help. 🙂


  2. Hey A
    I read your thought-blogs. Love them; short but loaded. Would love to tag Ambivalent for a future blog of mine, if okay with you.
    I also commented on your About me.
    I appreciate you liking my blog on Heart talk with Kirk Franklin.
    All the best.

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      1. I am from the Capital, but hey I am readily available here. So, can’t say. Hope whatever you plan is a blast. 🙂 Enjoy the time, be safe.


      2. Not sure on that! Whats the agenda? Is it related to the business coaching stuff! I will hold a bit on it, I will surely email you in case I am ready to join it. Thank you!


      1. Your blog link please. The one I could see is not landing me to any page. You may need to update something to reflect the correct link behind your name.


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