Maybe you weren’t the one for me,
but deep down I wanted you to be. πŸ™‚

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231 thoughts on “Ambivalent

  1. Hey dear!

    I just visited some of your blog and I really liked it.❀️

    My name is Ankita Jaiswal and I love to write my take on Fashion, beauty and lifestyle. My blog name is That Chic Fashion because I believe Fashion means to always look CHIC. As I’m brand new to this blogging field, I am looking forward to make friends here with my fellow lovely bloggers.❀️

    I’d love if you visit my blog and If you liked it, please leave comments also (comments are definitely welcome) and follow my blog post for the latest updates on new blog post. It would be mean alot to me if you would also connect to me if you like my content.😊

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    I hope to have many wonderful blog followers as you some day!😊

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    1. Hi Ankita!
      Wonderful to know about you and your blog. Have a great time blogging, I will surely visit your blog and will duly give my feeds. πŸ™‚
      Thank you for your comment, appreciate you reading the blog posts here.
      ~ A


  2. Hey A
    I read your thought-blogs. Love them; short but loaded. Would love to tag Ambivalent for a future blog of mine, if okay with you.
    I also commented on your About me.
    I appreciate you liking my blog on Heart talk with Kirk Franklin.
    All the best.

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